Trust Your Advisor

1. Does your advisor update you on how they work to reduce commissions and other expenses in your investment portfolio?

2. Does your advisor work (where possible) to eliminate hidden fees, kickback promotions and surrender penalties from eating away at your investments?

3. Are you the only one who can change the address on your account?

4. Does your brokerage statement display the name or logo of a respected third party custodian?

5. Do you deposit checks made payable to your advisor instead of made payable to a third party custodian (e.g. Schwab or Fidelity)?

The more times you answered “No”, the more you should be concerned.  In our opinion, if you answered “No” on any of these five questions, contact your advisor and demand answers.  Better yet, contact us to learn how to gain accountability for your investments.  We take great pride in earning the trust of our investors – a critical ingredient for investment success.