And the winnah is…

We christen our upgraded site with commentary on a look at the winning investment strategy for the past decade: Market timing.

According to LeCompte’s analysis, the strategy bested buy-and-hold, rebalancing and one momentum strategy.

Click here for a concise overview of the different strategies’ returns and variation.

Fortunately, timing was near and dear to our efforts.   Yet while market timers everywhere congratulate each other, we behold a troubling bit of data.  And while it is true that the market performed with the same variation & records positive returns over half the time throughout the past six decades, the mean return for investors vanished in the past decade.  Some call this the market’s “lost decade” as investors have lost money since the turn of the century (-0.12% per mean monthly return) (ibid)

Our focus for the past six months and the foreseeable future is to concoct an approach for our client’s that will take advantage of our research.  Our goal is simply to post analysis at the dusk of the next market cycle claiming we fingered the winner of the next decade.

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